-A Few words about us-

Our specialty is producing unique calendars, posters and promotional media highly tailored to our client’s brand and target audience.  

Our standard is that any product we produce should be capable of directly generating revenue.  It may be a promotional calendar, poster or postcard you intend as a gift for your clients, but it will look and feel like a product that has intrinsic value, insuring your customers display it. 

Contact us today to begin turning your great ideas into reality.


I have thisgreat idea...

Entrepreneurs and business owners have great promotional ideas every day. We specialize in translating those great ideas into reality. 

Our turnkey approach encompasses all of the photography, graphic design and project management needed to translate your great ideas into effective promotional products.  We work closely with our clients to develop a concept and direction, then we take on the “heavy lifting” allowing our clients to concentrate on their core business.

-Our Portfolio-

Digital Ears Born for Spec Ops.jpg

Digital Ears Born for Spec Ops

Invisio M80.jpg

Invisio M80

Invisio X5.jpg

Invisio X5

Lash II ... Collarset III.jpg

Lash II ... Collarset III

Multi Com Headset System.jpg

Multi Com Headset System

TAC COM Systems.jpg

TAC COM Systems

TEA Headsets.jpg

TEA Headsets

Tactical Communications Systems.jpg

Tactical Communications Systems

Wired Remote PTTs.jpg

Wired Remote PTTs

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